Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Its official as it sounds, "Blackberry confirms plan to offer BBM app on rival platforms Android and Apple's iOS operating system" as reported by The Independent. Seriously? BBM on Android? Anyway, let me hold my nerves and delve into relevant issues.

Blackberry devices has been the toy most people prefer just because of the messaging app many reckon as the best on smart phones: The Blackberry Messanger (BBM). Those who know me very well know me as a hard core Android freak, and even though I may not be a programmer, I consider myself an advanced android user, but I have also used some Blackberry devices and BBM became an addiction for me at some point.

Lets face the fact: with the exception of the Blackberry Z10 which was released around March this year, Blackberry devices were always trailing the likes of Samsung and Apple when it comes to specs and functionalities. BB devices are known to be slow, freezes more than a freezer and tagged with "i take forever to boot". The Z10 was considered "The Messiah" of the Canadian company, and in my candid opinion, the device has exceeded expectations. Aside all the negativity and uncomfortable user experiences that the pre-Z10 presents, they are still loved for one and only one reason: The BBM!

BBM has even forced many to keep two devices (BB and Android/iOS/Windows). I asked myself "why will RIM want to release this exclusive app, which es them some competitive advantage over their rivals to their rivals?"
That's like giving a straight "A" student like @readJerome apor! What's worse, the app will be FREE on both Android and iOS. I strongly believe without any doubt, that if BBM gets released to these two smartphone giants, over 50% of the relatively minute market share of BB will be lost to Google and Apple.

To say BB doesn't know of the possibility of such a catastrophic downturn will be ... shallow! BB is targeting some massive revenue with the move, as the report stressed the announcement of BBM Channels, a new social engagement platform within BBM that will allow customers to connect with businesses, brands, celebrities and groups, which it said would also be available to iPhone and Android users later this year subject to approval by the Apple App Store and Google Play. The success of this move will bring millions, and the chances of its failure is slim to non, seriously! 

What then happens to the number 1 substitute of BBM, aka WhatsApp? 

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Full Story Here: The Independent


  1. The company is now known as "BlackBerry" not "RIM". I'm surprised they said the app is going to be free. I can't imagine what they are planning.

  2. Thanks man, I just remembered they changed from RIM to Blackberry early this year, before the release of the Z10. Their plan I guess is to sink Whatsapp aside trying to grow BBM from a messenger to a social network.

  3. Yeah, when I bought my first smartphone in 2009. The Blackberry was the only choice for me since it gave me a chance to communicate globally with friends via BBM, without being charged an arm and a leg. But now with apps like Whatsapp and Tango I quickly switched to iOS. Like you noted, I just found the constant freezes annoying.


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