Friday, 5 July 2013

The Ghana Summit 2013

So there was a mail from the Chief Economist of the Economist Intelligence Unit and I saw this interesting promo content which looked too gratifying to ignore. It had the caption "The Ghana Summit, Turning Potentials into Opportunity" and this drew my mind to so many things. But I wouldn't talk about those things but the summit. 

Our economy is growing and it's growing fast. Many disagree because of the challenges we've been facing economically and socially as well; power outages, aka "dumsor" has been our companion, fuel and gas prices keep surging up and transportation costs are becoming "unbearable" while  waste and arsonists keep destroying the little things (our markets and cities) we pride ourselves with as Ghanaians. Irrespective of all that and many more, the international community (not only The Economist) considers our economy one of the fast growing and highlights four areas the country has progressed massively;

  • Strong and sustained growth in recent years - with the country benefiting from high global commodity prices and continued political stability
  • A youthful and better educated workforce, with half of the population under 20
  • The emergence of a new generation of tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Ghana has one of the most developed telecommunications sectors in Africa, with mobile phone penetration surpassing the 100% barrier
  • A concerted effort by the government to attract foreign investment and improve ease of doing business

and evidence to these effects needs no "litmus test!," but the fact still remains that the ordinary Ghanaian suffers.

This is a summit every economist and wannabe in Ghana should attend. Not only them, but everyone with a stake in the Ghanaian economy. But this is a summit which cost $1,500 for standard registration after July 26 (lesser if registration happens before that date), that in GHS is a little over 3,000. Now that's expensive, not only for the ordinary Ghanaian. For me, I will try and be there. I will seek some sponsorship/subsidy from work and family because stuffs like this is my passion. I encourage my readers to do same because our country really needs concrete ideas to develop. Many also believe we always hold summits and conferences, but "walking the talk" has always been the weakness of our leaders. 

But if talking is our part to play in the country's developmental process, then I guess we should even scream [more positive ideas]!

Click on the link below to find out more about the summit; speakers, agenda, sponsors, etc. 


  1. Though I'm a big believer in investing in education, which includse staying current by attending summits and conferences such as this, this price tag is WAY up there. I hope you make it there. But I also hope there are more affordable options in the future.

    1. exactly, way up. I'll try my best to be there, for sure. :) Thanks for stopping by

  2. "Our economy is growing and it's growing fast." were u talking about Gh's economy... Anyway, 3000 is way above me lol.. But isn't this thing "talk shop" as usual...


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