Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The State Of The Ghanaian Economy In "140"

Don't worry, Condom Tax will stop this!
Tweeting the state of the Ghanaian economy in my candid opinion is like asking the ant to carry a sick camel to the hospital. In other words, it is impossible to describe the Ghanaian economy in 140 characters (my candid opinion). I just can’t! By the time I’ll finish summarizing the effects of dumsorlogy, tax hikes and inflation, I have already exhausted 500 characters. If I start talking about high borrowing costs, low investor confidence, political disputes, and the impact of macro/micro economic policies, which have made themselves necessary concomitants, we’ll be looking at some 2000 characters. 

But my friends on twitter taught me a great lesson, that 140 is actually more than enough when it comes to describing the Ghanaian economy. I have classified all opinions into 5 categories, with a very exceptional opening comment from Kajsa. Enjoy!

Kajsa Hallberg Adu @kajsaha
But this is suppose to be money ooo, GHS 37.

“Do I even know? Economics is a mystery to me. I bought something for 6 GHC today that 2 years ago was 3. That is the reality. I don’t get it!”

Aaaa...... Oyiwa! No wonder GHS 1 can only buy 10 pieces of "pure water".

1. The "Economy is for the rich"

These friends made it clear, that to survive in the Ghanaian economy, you need to be a "borger." (The type with some foreign currencies to "waste").

“The state of the Ghanaian economy is absolute Kaka. Despite what economists say about the strength of the Cedi, my people still starve”

DM1: “well I don’t know much about economics but when one can’t afford to be ill and I mean that literally then really something is wrong” 

DM2: “the finance minister might be quoting statistics and how we are now a middle income economy but if the gap between the rich and the poor” 

DM3: “keeps getting wider and most people still can’t afford 3 square meals per day then really the economy is teetering”

No comment!

You see, I wasn't alone after all. She needed 140*3 characters.

“The gap between the rich and the poor is now a chasm. Imports overrides exports; not enough is being done about refining our own”

“the Ghanaian economy ain’t seeing any changes. Jst bad figure being added & people sufferin to survive. Only d rich can survive.”

Naa Adjeley @dje_djelyn
"Well in this state where nothing works, the economy is not stable, each day we haves his increment or that, really affect our expenditure"

I want a Qatari visa. I need go so I can repatriate some real oil money (not the one we don't even see from the jubilee field).

2. The "Economists"

CAUTION: The following friends are all PhD holders in Economics. If their submission is too technical, please, feel free to ask them, as they are always ready to clarify. Thank you.

“It’s going the downhill. It’s faced with tough challenges and until we change direction, we will be heading the Greek route”

(Herh Mr. Snowden, the last time I checked, u were marooned at a Russian airport. Are you saying you are heading to Greece now? Then please, go alone, and don't plan taking our economy with you.)

“Ghana’s economy is not doing badly. All major resources are available. Debt irresistence, fiscal indiscipline, energy crisis are crushing it”

"Taxes" is only looking for condoms in his pocket.
“It’s in a state of economic or financial wobbliness with the managers confused about the apt solution to save it.” 

“There are many unexploited opportunities, but with inflation at 11.4% capital has become more expensive to the young innovative entrepreneur”

“The economy is going downhill, with subsidy cuts, tax increments, N yet government doesn't care. The Supreme Court evidence enough”

Chalpang Abu Mubarik @AbuMubarik
"i think we are having a challenged economy... things that the microeconomics level is not the best at all.."

These are the guys J. D. Mahama should have appointed. Don't worry guys, all you have to do is to vote for me in 2016.

3. The "Classic Metaphors"

CAUTION: Some of these metaphors can be "hilariously hilarious." All nerves must be held properly to avoid any "embarrassment" if the reader is reading this in public.

MK! @maakumi 
But why did you use elephant?
“Like the dung of a cow. Suffers looks hard n dry-economic stats but very liquid/soft beneath-absolutely weak. The economy is in a sham state”

“The Ghana economy is like The Hell, you keep burning and burning, yet you don’t die”

"Rili bad. Lives the Nima lyfstyle; "living in ruin whilst driving flashy cars" 2 much borrowing, don't even know if there is an economy left."

Hehehehe. I hope J.D. Mahama is reading this.

4. The "Real Doctors"

CAUTION: The following friends practice medicine in real life. Therefore all medical metaphors are duly justified.

Me, I trust the doctors here.
“The economy is bleeding from the self-inflicted wound of an unsustainable wage bill. It’s a major cause of our fiscal troubles.”

“the economy is an ailing one. Some days it seems like it’s getting healed then it relapses. Various solutions have been tired none working”

“honest opinion is, its not getting better. The deficits are too much. And the wastage in our public institutions is nauseating.”

“the Ghanaian Economy is on life support and it’s not because the revenues are not coming in but because the govnt cannot control spending.”

I told you these guys are doctors!

5. The "Simple"

A simple warning sign.
These friends went with a "straight dress". No extravegant styles to confuse the public. These are the people who mostly say "dasoor" on twitter.

“It’s poor. Simple”

“The Ghanaian economy hasn’t lived up to expectation. We’re expecting more from the government in all aspects of the economy.”


Good job I must say. All the categories really described the economy as it is in my opinion, but which category won the challenge? I leave that to the readers.

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  1. You did a good job grouping them up. This is quite a representation of what Ghanaians are saying about our current economic state.

    Btw, who's the Phd holder? lol.

    1. lol, don't be bias madam PhD holder, lol

  2. Haha! The real Doctors?
    It's sad no one has faith in the economy and it's not like they are wrong too

    1. That is it man, absolutely no one. Paa started well, but concluded the economy is hurting. But how come u guys used similar metaphors? Only real docs will do that, lol

  3. The 'Economists' can talk oo. Hmm. Nobody had anything good to say because the 'good' condition is a mirage

    1. LOL, that is why they are the economists. Lol

  4. :-). I love this piece and the groupings. Salute Moniseur Economista

    1. :) I learnt from you oo :). Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Terry, I really enjoyed this! Like others said, I loved the way you grouped them. Nice one.

  6. Nice aggregation man. Great job!


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