Friday, 2 August 2013

Learn to Program: The Fundamentals

I want to develop a program which can Bluetooth, SMS or Tweet solid foods, that can actually be consumed by the receiver. Maybe you are also thinking about developing some crazy application. Jerome once thought about developing an app for mobile which when used with the camera, can reveal everything under a lady's dress, awesome right? If you sometimes ask yourself "so me koraa will i ever be able to develop an app/software" or just to know some coding to make your PC dance azonto or some small HTML to help you make your blog stand out, then this is a chance you don't wanna miss.

The University of Toronto, under the Coursera online tuition program is given all of us the opportunity to start the fundamentals. "For how much?" FREE BONTO!!! You'll even get a certificate on top. "Womp3 wei na wo p3 de3n?" Follow the link below to find out more. This program runs once a year, I missed it last year, I won't miss it this year. It will start on the 19th of this month. Meet all of you in class :D


  1. I'm glad to know that you're taking advantage of this opportunity. There is so much free information out there these days.

    Oh my, an app that sees under women's clothing? I somehow think you conspired with Jerome on that idea, lol.

    1. lol, oh so am the only one who can inspire diabolical plans. u have no idea what J can do :)


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