Friday, 23 August 2013

Top 10 Career Destinations in Ghana

The African economy has been the "Keta School Boy" in the global economy, but emerging economic figures depicts tremendous growths. Africa prides herself with a population of about 70% being below age 25. The continent was not well branded. Political disputes/instability and civil wars were the major headlines from Africa. But the continent has always been blessed with natural resources and almost natural disaster free. Major economic institutions have taken so much interest in economic figures emanating from the region, and investments keep flooding the continent. More jobs are being created and the traditional career destinations are changing.

Many believe that entrepreneurship in Africa will skyrocket in the next decade, but graduates and young adults looking at getting employed in the short run will be wondering where the best opportunities are. I am glade to share with you ten of these which exists in our country "right about now."

10. Advertisement/Marketing, Radio/TV

From billboards to media advertisements, people are recruited to developing ad concepts and design ad contents. Almost every company markets, but more advertising agencies are sprouting up. How many radio stations do we have in Ghana again? So many digital channels are popping up and each day, media men and women are needed. Advertising and Radio/TV are just in love, you can't break them apart.

9. Transport (Air and Land)

I had doubts including this sector, because high fuel prices are crushing this particular industry. We heard the news..."Virgin Atlantic has announced it will be suspending its operations between London Heathrow and Accra, Ghana, from 22nd September 2013. The last flight from Accra to London will depart on 23rd September" and they attribute this to rising fuel prices. But this sector is constantly recruiting. Haulage industries are on the rise, domestic flight services are skyrocketing. This industry is actually growing, against all odds.

8. Hotel Management, Tourism, Craftsmanship and Fashion

This sector makes the least of noise, but it's growing more than most people actually think. I wrote a dissertation for a friend on a topic about this sector and the literature i came across was impressive. This sector recruits many hospitality management grads, as even marketers. Today being a Friday, look around and 9 out of 10 workers are in some stylish African wear with some colorful beads dangling around their wrists. 

7. Medicine

This industry is also rapidly growing in our part of the world. Diagnosticians (my fav), obstetricians, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, dentists, toxicologists, pharmacologists, and so many other "gists and cians" are emerging. The health sector is now emphasizing on specializations than the general medical care which use to be what we all use to get in the consulting rooms. 

6. Real Estate Development

This is where the architects, the building constructors, painters, carpenters and project managers come in. Some university grads and poly grads are professional painters and are rolling with the top construction companies, earning fat salaries. Today in Ghana, you cant afford a land in urban areas, let alone erect a structure on it. But drive through town and see the new structures changing our cities. Almost everyday, a major construction company recruits.

5. Telecommunication

The Telcos we have here keep recruiting telecommunication engineers because their service are of high demand. A telecommunication engineer simply combines electrical engineering and computer science to transform Telco services, and we will all agree that Telcos have evolved from just delivering call services to even "banking" and money transfers.

4. Banking

Very obvious, with the influx of many banks. Already established banks are also expanding to almost every corner of the nation. A banking institution doesn't recruit only BSc. Banking and finance or Accounting graduates. Economists, Psychologists, Marketers, just to name a few, all get recruited in this sector.

3. Oil & Petroleum Economics and Engineering

Petroleum economists are earning some fat cheques, and this is a new addition to the numerous sectors of the petroleum industry. For the petroleum engineers, we all know their huge take homes, no need talking about it. Someone will say "lets not get so excited, 'cos Africa's contribution to global oil production is still less than 8%". You can imagine Ghana's percentage, "queer!" But still, the sector recruits a lot each year.

2. Computer Engineering

This is it! Software (mobile and computer) and Web developments are driving many into the millionaires' ocean, banks are recruiting the geeks to improve their software security and ATM operations, businesses are hiring them to manage their online dealings and marketing ... it can only get better. And you guessed right, they get paid well.

1. Accountancy and Auditing

Accountants are needed everywhere, dassoorr!!!

But what ever you wanna do, just try and have an intermediate idea about some computer applications and programming if possible, it will save you a lot.

(I ignored the agricultural sector for a reason)


  1. Medicine dieer, guaranteed job. The way my folks wanted me to read medicine and i refused paa, sometimes, i regret it but most times i dont

  2. Well that's pretty crappy about the suspension of the Accra-London wrote on Virgin Airlines, but I digress. I definitely feel you on the Tourism front. Seems like there's a lot of push now to develop the tourism infrastructure in Ghana.

    And don't all our parents want us to be doctor's? Nice one Terry!

  3. Which research backs this? The health sector leads in all career ratings I've ever read. I need figures to back this.


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