Friday, 27 September 2013

"Darkness" by @readJerome

Do we choose to go into the dark or are we forced? By the dark I mean the light; the only light that comes darker than the moon.

Is this not darkness? Is this not sorcery? Why do I want to suppress my ambitions for your smile? Why do I want to strangle my dreams for your touch? I know I will take life, even my own, if it pleases you, but I do not even know your last name.

Is this not darkness? Is this not sorcery? Why are you my scale of womanhood? Why are you my measure of perfection? A woman is beautiful or ugly depending on how much they look like you.

I have gone into the darkness to find my light. I have gone under the sea to find my sun. I am unwrapping the mummy, hoping under the shroud to find living flesh, undeterred by the smell of death and the taste of desolation.

Friday, 6 September 2013


Falling for you is in equilibrium with altruism

But this altruism you complain of makes me autarky

Don’t complain like feelings can be amortized

‘Cos this feeling is no Austrian economics

My animal spirit amounts to value at risk around you

You barter my feelings, more like an arbitrage

Leaving me for Japanese deflation before abenomics

I am the bull, and ye the bear in this trade of feelings;

My positive speculations, your bounded rationality, ceteris paribus