Friday, 27 September 2013

"Darkness" by @readJerome

Do we choose to go into the dark or are we forced? By the dark I mean the light; the only light that comes darker than the moon.

Is this not darkness? Is this not sorcery? Why do I want to suppress my ambitions for your smile? Why do I want to strangle my dreams for your touch? I know I will take life, even my own, if it pleases you, but I do not even know your last name.

Is this not darkness? Is this not sorcery? Why are you my scale of womanhood? Why are you my measure of perfection? A woman is beautiful or ugly depending on how much they look like you.

I have gone into the darkness to find my light. I have gone under the sea to find my sun. I am unwrapping the mummy, hoping under the shroud to find living flesh, undeterred by the smell of death and the taste of desolation.

Will I ever keep you breathing? Will I ever keep your eyes blinking, your heart pumping, your blood flowing, your innards churning? Will I ever be you and you me? In my place is there one that holds you, that owns you and that you own?

There is a way. I have decided. I will sink and find my light where it is darker. I will descend to death to find my life. And you will come with me. I am sorry but you must understand. It is the only way - that you perish, and I perish but that our light shines.....when we are gone.

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  1. I now see what you meant by "making love to my blog". Nice one! "that you perish, and I perish but that our light shines" was my fav part.

    1. :D J must be glad right now, considering how he was hoping you'll like this :D

  2. i'm still trying to figure out what it all means but i did enjoy reading it. will have to read it a few more times. My mid is a bit fuzzy right now


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