Friday, 6 September 2013


Falling for you is in equilibrium with altruism

But this altruism you complain of makes me autarky

Don’t complain like feelings can be amortized

‘Cos this feeling is no Austrian economics

My animal spirit amounts to value at risk around you

You barter my feelings, more like an arbitrage

Leaving me for Japanese deflation before abenomics

I am the bull, and ye the bear in this trade of feelings;

My positive speculations, your bounded rationality, ceteris paribus

My feelings have always been the classical economics

In need of your invincible hand to save it from disequilibrium

Your feelings is that closed economy, Pyongyang

Leaving me for a wish for an opportunity cost

To unleash this scarce commodities within

Resort to embargoes and Ghanaian taxation

Before what I feel transforms into tiger economics

But don’t forget my tax avoidance skills

Like the tax arbitrage I used to smooch your “treasury bills”

I won’t fold, I won’t wind up, and I won’t file for bankruptcy

I will keep increasing the velocity of circulation

To ensure that my demand and your supply doesn't become indeterminate

My 1st ever poem, mark it over 10 :( 


  1. Terry, Terry, Terry!
    Now we both know I can't rate this.

    Lemme grab my dictionary and get back to this :D

    You said this is your first attempt?

    1. Lol, don't make me laugh, lol. And yes, 1st attempt. I won't even try again, lol.

  2. You made me realize how stupid I am. I agree with Amma... I need to run for my dictionary, lol.

    I need to go back to Economics 101!

  3. I never understood economics. I found Engineering maths way easier.
    Good one for a first attempt.

    1. Thanks man, I appreciate this.
      Engineering maths? I'll try a dose of it :D


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