Friday, 22 November 2013


how do you explain this ...

napping on the laps of a father
who sits just behind the driver in a 207 bus
next to the left window ... shut
to prevent the rushing-in air from waking you up

... waking up standing on a bridge, all wet
soaked in blood and water
with the sight of the left eye lost -
left eye dangles on the cheek
held only by the optic nerve -
no sight of father with the seeing right eye

... right down the left side of the road
and the bridge as well, is this bloody river
with the 207 floating like a "white whale"
with human bodies/body parts and travelling bags floating 
like a poisoned river ... floating with dead fishes

how come everyone else is in the river
and you alone ... stood on the bridge?


  1. This is an astounding piece! A quick touching story which doesn't tell much, it just shows. Wonderful work


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