Friday, 13 December 2013


Ghana's Corruption Perception Index (CPI) score on the recent survey published by Transparency International is 46, up from 45 last year. The nation scoring just 1 point for the whole year means that Ghana will literally need 44 years to completely eradicate corruption, if current efforts to fight this canker is not improved, other things being equal. Interestingly, the corruption cases we are yet to solve, like SADA and GYEEDA, plus ... available figures from the Auditor-General’s Department indicate that Ghana lost GH¢4,559,976,756.76 within five years as a result of irregularities in public institutions. 

Effectively combating corruption has been a major global issue, with impunity's head being demanded on a plate. Stopping the corrupt has made many to dig deep, with organisations funding promotional activities to reward those who can unearth innovative ways to help bring down the walls of corruption. The most fascinating idea yet, for me, is the ZERO-RUPEES, which is an Indian anti-corruption gimmick launched by 5th Pillar (an anti-bribery campaign). The notes look exactly like the 50 Rupees, and people are actually encouraged to hand them to corrupt officials ... more like the brothers of Ghana Police!