Friday, 17 January 2014

The 21st Century Church

I grew up questioning faith, God's existence and the legitimacy of miracles ... even as far back as Sunday school. Just after BECE, I had a chronic back pain from long hours of religiously pinning my butt down behind my books. I was trusting God for a miracle ... fasted and prayed. God's time for that miracle did not unfold. Then there was first year in SSS where a man of God predicted before the whole congregation of students, that I'll lead them as their school prefect ... which materialized. Why i sited these two personal examples in this article is left for the reader to decrypt.

These days, "the Church" has evolved into one of the most lucrative ventures around, considering the existence of  a constant, and a tried-and-true revenue source, which of course is tax free! Most pastors these days enrich themselves with the accumulated 10% on the incomes of the congregation [of whom most struggle with paying bills]. 31st Night "Cross-Over, Leap-Over, Jump-Over, Box-Over, Sword-Over" services granted most pastors a favorable juncture of circumstances to preach about sowing seeds in cash to reap God's blessings in prosperity for the coming year.

The grass eating congregation
We heard the report from Uganda (20th March, 2000), when a self-styled prophet lured and burnt more than 500 members of his congregation, including children, after he had succeeded in convincing them to sell all their belongings and donated the proceeds to him as license to heaven. Then of course, the pastor who was remanded for whipping a church member to death in 2009 right here in Ghana. Just last year, there were reports of a pastor lashing the congregation for sinning, including pregnant women who visited the hospital ... again, right here in Ghana. Then the 11th January story, where a pastor in South Africa convinced his congregation to eat grass to get closer to God.

The man of God who stands on his church members ...
Writing long is not my style, and this article seems to be getting long. I haven't even established a point in here, but I believe scattered as each paragraph may be, readers can extract their own denotations. I leave you with this picture .. >>>

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  1. hmmmm.... all kinds of churches are springing up theses days yet the communities haven't seen any improvement . It baffles me that in most of these churches, the poor are getting poorer. instead of the pastors organizing seminars on how to do business successfully, importance of saving and investing, they rather encourage them to give more to the church so that their monies will multiply (with faith) especially church building, harvests and so on. How many of these churches organize donations, clean up exercises, seminars and other things that will benefit the people in their communities? Most of these pastors drive expensive cars whiles most of the congregation walk or take trotro. Yet, it's these ones who give the most. It's such a shame! I wonder what most of these churches do with all the tithes they receive.

  2. Fiona, this is really true, and it even keeps getting worse these days. thanks for your contribution

  3. I personally am an advocate for faith as a personal relationship with God and the principal need for spiritual discernment as the Holy Book advises to 'test all spitits'. It is sad to observe the rise of such appalling and baffling manifestations in these so-called churches, but again, it is not surprising, the falsity of all these, the Bible made this prediction. If Christians today, like myself, would come to the point where they realize this faith of ours is that sweet relationship between each and God, we would move mountains (alluding again to the Bible here), and most importantly realize what the Truth actually is
    God help us all.


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