Friday, 14 February 2014

From The Economy With Love ...

The economy gave me a call last night, .. a long call, which lasted for approximately five minutes. "Long" because mostly when he calls, we talk for less than a minute. He was not happy about how we keep being vocal about his condition ... the fact that many are complaining that they can't even afford a bar of chocolate for Valentine's or National Cocolate Day ... 

The Economy: Economista, Ghana fo kasa! All they do is to blame me for everything, even in their dreams!

Economista: Massa, slow down! What do you expect from Ghanaians, when your headache has refused to disappear. You know your headache is the migraine of Ghanaians!

The Economy: Blame the doctors! The diclofenac they gave me was nothing but white tablets made of kokonte powder.

Economista: You are not serious! Let me ask you this ... how do you explain my empty wallet facing tomorrow's Valentine's day and National Choco day?!

The Economy: Economista don't be silly! You are to show love to your friends everyday, shower them with gifts and presents every day and stop this valentine nonsense, I expected you to know better!

Economista: Economy Kwaku, but here is the case you're so sick ... I can't even afford a new boxer every month, let alone surprise my friends everyday. Inflation is now over thirte....

The Economy: Massa Massa, I have told you not to talk about figures with me when I call you, I hate that. Listen, tell Ghanaians I'll be fine. And for this tweet ...
I forgive you. When I share my problems with you, I do so knowing our relationship automatically buys your silence. Agya Appiah Bitters has been helpful I must admit.

Economista: Well I'm sorry .. The earlier you get better, the better for us. When your condition gets to me, I just put my frustrations in ... [busy tone beeps] 


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