Saturday, 17 May 2014

It's Not a Worthy Opportunity Cost (Writing Process Blog Tour 2014) ...

Twitter is a virtual continent and over there, we travel without passports and visas. Just a re-tweet from a Tonga resident and some people on the Island can see me and my "nonsense." The twitter nation is what is most fascinating ... things can be happening in your own country and if care is not taken, you will only hear of it. I was honored when my buddy Efo Dela (@Amegaxi) handed the baton to me to write about my blogging process. This is something other great bloggers have started, and I must add again that I'm honored to have received the baton from Efo.

What Am I Working On?
In recent times I have gone too easy on my blog. Before, #blogfridayGH was the "noise" that made me committed to blogging at least once a week [... it will return soon, bigger and better]. But when I get the chance, I write about anything I believe will interest those who visit my blog. Economic issues may dominate articles on my blog and that is because I believe everything we do prudently at any given time is practicing Economics. But then I have decided to segregate my thoughts on my blog ... leaving this blog for everything serious and for everything not so serious. I have also been invited to blog for a huge organisation ... that will be a subject for another discussion later.

What Makes My Work Unique? 
My work is never "unique", but I try every time to write the simple stuffs in an extraordinary way, if I can. I have always struggled with making people feel exactly how I'm feeling about issues with my writings, because I believe that is the only time my work will be unique ... if i manage to make my readers feel exactly how i feel about a subject.

Why I Write?
I write because I want to be prolific and I believe the only way that can happen is continual blogging. I also write because I want to learn. I read a lot of blogs when I have the time. I do so to learn from those ahead of me and from those who keep me on my toes. I don't believe I write for change, maybe awareness sometimes, but it is important to me for people to keep coming to my blog ... to share in my thoughts.

I also write because it's not a worthy opportunity cost. Writing cannot be the next best alternative I must forgo to do any other thing. If I must write, I must write! [... but it mostly ends up being the opportunity cost though, smh]

How My Writing Process Works? 
Lol ... forget process, I just write as an when the thought or idea shoots up. I don't have any special mood, place or time for my writing. I sometimes write on the go, in trotro, and even at the office, once I feel I have to share a though. Maybe one thing I may have to start doing is to draft a process for myself :)

One Person I’ll Pass This on to?
Forget one person ... I am passing this to people. The first person, obviously, must be Jerome (@readJerome) who encouraged me to start blogging. Then a list of my other buddies who blog ... @Swayekidd, @Ekowmaisse @Lauriedat @Icongh and @GanyobiNaa. Over to you guys.

Thanks for reading. 


  1. Fascinating. Maybe I would take this on sometime. A good initiative.

  2. Will be looking forward to that ...

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