Wednesday, 11 January 2017

My Kinda Love (By MissCeeci)

I have been unlucky in love.

No. It is not what you think.

I have never been broken hearted because of a man (well except that one time but not for the reasons you imagine).

I have been unfortunate in love because (apparently) I have a knack for making people (yes, both men and women) fall in love with me but I fear I may have never loved someone enough to let all of my hair down (figuratively of course).

Sometimes I feel like this thing called love is really not for me. But those times pass really quickly because I have too much love to give and I love the idea of being in love.

I know I have met my soulmate (if there is anything like that), but he is busy being with someone else and missing out on all this awesomeness (yes, I do say so myself). Maybe he knows we are soulmates, but he will most likely never know we are (or maybe we really aren’t and it is all in my imagination).

I really do want someone to share all my love and all my life with. I really want to share my kinda love with someone who wants to share his kinda love.

My kinda love is where we argue about the different waves of feminism and debate on what is being achieved by the feminist movement and why it is all not working, but we ultimately agree that everybody should be a feminist;

My kinda love is where we make out (and maybe make love) on Saturday afternoons while watching football (the EPL of course) and everything that comes next;

My kinda love is where we encourage and push and pull each other beyond what we thought we could achieve as individuals;

My kind love is where I can be naughty and inappropriate and send him random pictures (and not so random ones if you know what I mean) in the middle of the day when we are away from each other;

My kinda love is where he doesn’t have to prove anything to me (such as him being a “man”) because we are not defined by the gender roles assigned to us;

My kinda love is where we love and learn and grow and become better because we share each other and everything else in our lives;

My kinda love is where we question each other on our beliefs and philosophies not to prove that the other is right but to make our convictions stronger and better;

My kinda love is where trust for each other and in each other is not taken for granted and respect is given all the time and not only some of the time;

My kinda love is where going home to him is what makes my daytime (and sometimes nighttime) hustle all worth it.

I do not expect him to give me the world (though I intend to give him as much of it as I can) or be the one to make me happy. I only expect that we share our lives and our love together and as clichรฉ as it may sound, through the good and the bad.

Is my kinda love too much to ask?


  1. It's too much to ask papa ๐Ÿ˜. Ermm, how much of this is fictional/made-up?

    1. Errrmm, you know where to make such queries

  2. It's too much to ask papa ๐Ÿ˜. Ermm, how much of this is fictional/made-up?

    1. Enter her dm with those questions ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. I can relate to a bit of your kind of love.

  4. I no know what I go talk sef.

  5. My kind of love, walking around the house naked...Together. Cooking, playing xbox and sleeping in each orhers arms without having sex. Now is this too much to ask?

  6. Lowkey, this vividly reminds me of some happenings a few years ago..smh

    1. Haha... I see. Wonderful memories i guess. Wink

  7. lol..most of them weren't pleasant tho


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